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Weapons on Wheels 2

Action Game created by: ForTheLoss (14 May 2013)


SummaryrnWeapons on Wheels 2 is a fast-paced, action-filled racing game - with a twist.  If you can't outmaneuver your opponents, you can just blast them off the road instead!rnAs the name implies, the game is a sequel to the very successful original Weapons on Wheels, which is still receiving nearly 1,000 hits a day - even though it was released over two and a half years ago.rnThis game is built utilizing Flash's Stage3D technology (through the Starling framework) requiring that the game be embedded with wmode = "direct".rnFeaturesrnrn12 unique racing levels, utilizing the theme of the 4 seasons.rnEight cars to choose fromrnSix weapons to purchase and upgrade through four different versions (each more powerful than the last)rnrnMachine gunsrnRocket launchersrnHeat-seeking missilesrnMine deployersrnOil slickersrnRear boostersrnrnFour different categories of car upgrades, again through four different versions eachrnrnMax speedrnAcceleratonrnHandlingrnArmorrnrnMochi-powered leaderboards for players to easily submit and view the best times for each levelrnReward for beating the game - some fun cheat codes to be input at the Level Select screens ;)rnGPU-accelerated graphics which make for awesome art, explosions, and particles (who doesn't love particles?)rnCarefully hand-picked sound effects and crisp, fast-paced music really bring the game alivernAutomatic saving and loading so players can pick up from where they left offrnCustomizable, bindable controls (ease of use for any keyboard layout)rnrnControlsrnThe controls are customizable to be bound to any keys, however, the default layout is as follows:rnDriving - Arrow keysrnWeapons - A, S, DrnScreenshotsrnHere are a few screenshots of in-game action.  Also, check out the trailer on Youtube.rnrnGameplay 1rnGameplay 2rnGameplay 3rnGameplay 4rnGameplay 5rnGameplay 6rnLevel Select MenurnStore Menurn


You will get further instructions how to play Weapons on Wheels 2 while playing it.
Have fun!

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