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Action Game created by: xplored (15 Feb 2011)


"Save Us from Private Brian!" is a bloody top-down shooter where a merciless spacemarine lands by mistake on a medieval fantasy world of "poor cavemen"!
Why should you go away, when you've the change to train a bit and test your deadly weaponry!?
15 distinct violent game-levels pseudo-random generated with trees and buildings to demolish!

16 different blast, from human knghts and mages small goblins, big  orcs and huge trolls!

24 gorgeous weapons, including....nuke bomb!
Available CHEAT for FGL release
Press "N" keyboard:
- in Weaponry menu to get Max Rank (so access to all weapons and devices) and 100.000 money;
- in Battle to force the teleport countdown to zero and skip the game level.


To play SUPrB! use your Keyboard!
You will get further instructions and tips while playing this game.

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