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Star Squadrons

Defense Game created by: OlegAntipov (12 Mar 2013)


This is a space real-time strategy game that combines epic space battles and development on planets. You take on the role of a young commander Aldrin, who joined the Resistance and struggling against the oppressive Empire for freedom and independence of planetary systems.rnSelect units: 
a) Click left mouse button on a unit 
b) Hold left mouse button and drag over the screen to select multiple units.rnMove units: 
Click left mouse button to any place to move selected units.rnDeselect units: 
a) Click 'Deselect' button
b) Select with a frame on empty space
c) Press [space] key.rnDestroy selected units: 
Press [Ctrl] + [X]rnSelect specific type of units: 
Select with a frame and hold follow keys to select specific unit types: [Z] - assaulter, [X] - troops, [C] - defence, [V] - service (you can combine them).rnAdd to a group: 
Select with a frame and hold [Shift] keyrnRemove from a group: 
Select with a frame and hold [Ctrl] keyrnOpen the planet's panel:
Deselect all units then 
a) Double-click on the planet
b) Click on the planet and then click 'open' button
c) Click on the planet and press [space] keyrnCamera movement: 
a) Press WASD or arrow keys
b) Move mouse out of the game screen
c) Click on the minimap


You will get further instructions how to play Star Squadrons while playing it.
Have fun!

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