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Skid Pan

Arcade Game created by: Huskarl Games, Vortix Games Studio (14 Oct 2008)


Skid Pan is a flash racer with a twist: you can customize the way your car drives by changing the mass, width, tyre grip and many more! Or if you like you can drive one of the vehicles the game comes with: a normal car, a bus, a quadbike and a sports car. The car you create can be anything, a bus with an engine of a sports car or a quadbike as heavy as a bus!
There are 10 levels in total, on each of which you can collect medals with each car to unlock later levels
The game features an ultra-accurate physics engine which makes every car you create feel different, so to beat the best times with the custom car you'll have to be an awesome driver, as well as building the ultimate car!


You will get further instructions how to play Skid Pan while playing it.
Have fun!

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