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Puzzling War

Arcade Game created by: TempaLabs (20 Nov 2010)


UPDATE 10/26/2010: Revised upgrade mechanism and item shop. Fix some minor bugs and balancing issues.

Puzzling War is an interesting mix between match-3 puzzle game with simple war strategy theme.

Play as a tactician who want to conquer a forgotten kingdom  far in the north continent. There are 15 levels available, each with unique environment, enemy & AI difficulty.

In the game screen, Player will need to matching his own unit to be able to dispatch them to enemy headquarter. Player will lose if his health reach 0.

By upgrading, player will be able to dispatch more powerful unit by matching unit block more than 3.

Player can also buy several power up item to help him in the next battle. He can use the item by matching it's block in the middle of the battle. Just remember though that the more block type exist in the game board, the harder it is to make a match.
There are also Highscore & Achievement feature for those who seek additional challenge in this game.


You will get further instructions how to play Puzzling War while playing it.
Have fun!

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