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Putt More Base

Puzzle Game created by: Jayc ( 7 May 2012)


Mini-golf reinvented! Putt the ball into the hole - plus you can use extra items onto the course to help improve your par & awesomeness scores.

Top-down physics powered by box2d
Unique graphical designs and engaging animations
Dynamic shadows of moving/rotating objects
Non-obtrusive in-game tutorials (with animated demonstrations)
20+ different and unique types of blocks with varying shapes, properties & behaviors
Level editor & sharing to encourage players to be create and expand the experience themselves
Unique ranking system for high scorers spread through out the game
Promotes social sharing through fb, twitter and an image capture/saving level solutions/results

Controls: Mouse & keyboard (optional, for shortcuts)

Grab 'n drag extra items onto the course to set your own path
Grab 'n drag the ball.. set the right power/direction and release.


You will get further instructions how to play Putt More Base while playing it.
Have fun!

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