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Point Defense: Hover Tank

Action Game created by: Brent Ward (22 May 2009)


Defend your planetary base from waves of aliens across 10 levels of increasing difficulty.  Choose from four hover tanks and weapon options such as mobile turrets, missile launchers and air support from aircraft and spaceships in orbit. 
Your boss, "Sarge", will provide guidance between each wave of attacks.
Additional Features:

5 music loops may be changed during gameplay without pausing.
Volume control for several individual channels of sound effects.
Various AI roles such as sniper, artillery, assault and boss.
Unique scoring system tracks not only the overall score so far but the individual scores per level.  Replay a level and the new score (if you beat your previous score) will be saved.
Dynamic waves of aliens per level.  The order they attack, target assignment and the direction they appear on screen is random during each play.
Pause the action anytime.
Small size - 1.2 MB

"First Impression" quote:
"Wow! I can tell a lot of work was put into this game! The attention to detail when it comes to instructions, settings, stats, as well as the complexity of the game itself is quite phenomenal. The controls are very smooth and I love the fact that it felt like I was really going into battle."


You will get further instructions how to play Point Defense: Hover Tank while playing it.
Have fun!

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