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pixelBOMB 2 *YouTube Trailer Now Up*

Arcade Game created by: Chaz ( 9 Jun 2009)


The sequel to the highly popular pixelBOMB (average NG review score 9.3) has arrived!
Now featuring power-ups that turn back the clock and obstacles to slow you down, it's an intense race to the very last star to get the coverted achievements and prized top score!
The first game was hugely popular...this game has twice as many stages and three times as much depth.
What's your best time?
Update & Free Promotional Content

Today I recieved a highly succesful first impression on the game rating it 9/10. One suggestion from the focus group was that TimeTravel gems can be used by clicking the mouse. I have implemented this feature and left in the CTRL key for mac users.
I have also produced and uploaded a promotional trailer for the game to help generate some hype. This will also be posted on my blog and a few other places too.
Link to video.


You will get further instructions how to play pixelBOMB 2 *YouTube Trailer Now Up* while playing it.
Have fun!

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