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Penalty Shootout Multiplayer Game

Sports Game created by: gant382 ( 2 Sep 2010)


Another Penalty shootout game? Not exactly!
Challenge people from anywhere in the world, try to understand their next shootout and beat them.
Check out the active tournaments that can award you with real prizes and join in!.
The game is also available for J2ME mobile devices for cross platform multiplayer gaming!!!



Objective : Your objective is to score more goals than your opponent from the penalty spot. Each player gets to shoot and defend against 5 penalty shots. The shooting and defending is done taking turns for each opponent (1st penalty shot you control the striker and your opponent controls the goalkeeper, 2nd penalty shot you control the goalkeeper and your opponent the striker and so on and vice versa).

Sudden Death : If no player wins after the 5 penalty shots, a “Sudden Death” round starts, in which the players shoot one penalty shot each. The sudden death round end only when one of the two players manages to score a goal and at the same time successfully defend against his/her opponent’s shot.

Controls : The game is played by clicking on one of the six arrows that appear on the six predetermined areas of the goal. If you don’t select an area within 6 seconds, the system selects a random area for you. That is regardless of whether you shoot or defend at the time.

Score keeping : a)The goals scored are represented as a green ball in the scoreboard, while saves are represented as a red ball. The overall score is also presented as a number for example 1 – 0. b) Best of 3 or 5 matches option: In case this option has been selected when creating/joining the game, the winner is declared after the predetermined 3 or 5 matches are played. To win a “Best of 3” game you need to win 2 matches, while on a “Best of 5” game you need to win 3 matches. The matches you have won are represented as golden on the scoreboard.

Re - Match : If you want to challenge your opponent to a re-match, you can click on the “Request a re-match” button appearing at the end of the game. In case your opponent accepts, a game with the same settings is created. If you don’t propose a re-match or your opponent rejects your rematch, then both players are directed to the lobby at the end of the countdown.

Quit : If you opt to quit the game at any moment, your opponent is automatically declared the winner and you lose the wager placed.

Sound : You can turn the in-game sound effects and music on or off by clicking on the speaker icon at the lower right corner (next to the chat area).

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