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Action Game created by: Headfizz (11 Aug 2011)


Click a neopod in stasis to release it
Power a NeoBot by fitting the correct NeoPod, power all NeoBots to complete a level
Red Platforms can be removed
Yellow platforms can be movedby dragging them with the mouse
Rings around the Mouse means you an interact with that object
Anti Pods need to be avoided!!

Clever blend of physics games
Translated to English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.
24 Levels of progressive and highly varied challenges
3 difficulties
Quality cel-shaded 3D graphics and animations - created using Swift3D
Lots of re-playability, submit score, beat your records, etc.
Developed in box2d.


To play NeoPods use your Mouse!
You will get further instructions and tips while playing this game.

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