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Jetpack Jerome

Arcade Game created by: 2D Heroes ( 8 Aug 2011)


Jetpack Jerome is a simple, yet addictive, flying game in which you take control of a charming, smooth-talking chap aptly named "Jerome". Jerome is equipped with his trusty hydrogen jetpack, which runs by quickly processing rain (or even stars) on contact. It's not all smooth sailing though, as you fight gravity and evade laser-firing aliens on your voyage to the moon.
07-05-2011 - Game approved for bidding.
07-06-2011 - Added voice acting and fixed minor bugs.
07-07-2011 - Added tidbits of polish and fixed minor bugs.
07-07-2011 - Added pause functionality and instructions.
07-09-2011 - Finished implementing Jetpack Jerome voice-overs, courtesy of Alex Elliott (BLACK JOHNNY QUEST)
08-01-2011 - Sponsored by Armor Games!


To play Jetpack Jerome use your Keyboard!
You will get further instructions and tips while playing this game.

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