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Inspiration Dave

Action Game created by: Seagaia (10 May 2012)


Inspiration Dave is a platformer. You control a character on a mission to find inspiration through musical notes throughout whatever world he lives in - via going through 33 small platforming stages, with three goals: Finish the stage, collect all 20 notes, and finish the stage 100% very quickly! Only finishing the stage is necessary. There are unlockable secrets for how many notes you collect and stages you finish quickly. I wrote the soundtrack and created the graphics myself, for better or worse! : Controls: "/" denote any of the keys work. X/J/UP/SPACE/W: Jump (tap/hold to change height) CTRL/Z/K: Hold to run, cancel menu SHIFT: Toggle "auto-run!" you'll always run with this on. Not advised as you will want more fine-tuned movement in some spots, but hey, do whatever. left/right, or A/D: Move DOWN/S: Enter door/interact P: Pause, Q: Quit stage, R: Restart stage, M: Mute Made over 12/11-3/12, but mostly 2012. created by seagaia/sean hogan (@seagaia2) follow other game updates at twitter: read about game updates, dev, etc: the music! OTHER GAMES Give my sponsor some love! Play more games at


You will get further instructions how to play Inspiration Dave while playing it.
Have fun!

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