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Strategy Game created by: mapacible ( 1 Apr 2012)


Gameplay Trailer
The island of Siquijor in Philippines is a beautiful place with pristine forests and wonderful beaches. However, rumors of monstrous beings called Aswangs prevent it from ever being popular. Your dream is to build an Inn in this place and make the place popular for both local and international tourists while also unraveling the mystery and the truth behind these Aswang folklore.
Detailed Description
Similar to extremely popular sim games like Corporation Inc and Theme Hotel, this new inn management simulation takes it in a more personalized direction. You are in control of a small family-owned inn that has to work hard for its expansion.
It takes good service and effective marketing to attract customers. At the same time, customers will react to every little detail of your inn, commenting on stuff like the receptionist's demeanor, or room cleanliness, or missing amenities. This provides the player with cookie crumbs to follow in order to improve the inn.
Above all of these are multiple goals that provides the player with concrete tasks that must be completed. Each goal offers different rewards such as unlocking new room types, providing new floors and recruiting family members.
There's more! Players gain experience points from each customer visit. They can spend these on different upgrades such as new amenities. Rooms have furnishings that may help in improving customer ratings. Amenities are upgradeable. Customers have different wants and needs that the player can discover through time and experimentation.
There's a lot of things to do here but the features are introduced slowly so as not to overwhelm the player.
- over 20 quests divided into 3 types: primary goals to increase your star rating, secondary goals related to the Aswang mythology, and recruitment goals to recruit family members to work for your inn
- 14 customer types each with different wants and needs
- 6 room types that you can furnish with 10 different furnitures
- 12 upgradable amenities
- 21 upgrades divided into 3 trees: customer service, marketing and aesthetics
- 4 jobs for your 10 recruitable family members: receptionist, cleaner, server, marketer
- 8 unlockable achievements
- a fun and light story with an unexpected twist

Features ToDo:
1. gameplay balance and pacing improvements


You will get further instructions how to play Innkeeper while playing it.
Have fun!

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