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High Vaultage

Sports Game created by: OstrichBanditos (27 Feb 2012)


Get Your Ugly Mug In HIGH VAULTAGE COMPETITION Starts 17th of March at 12PM PST (20:00 GMT+1). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fart your way to the stars & become the #1 pro-vaulter! Use birds, rainbow power and TexMex flavoured farts to go higher & farther. Unlock new stadiums & poles while building up your team and win ALL the awards!


Get Your Ugly Mug In HIGH VAULTAGE COMPETITION WHAT’s there to win you ask? 1. Get Your Ugly Mug in HIGH VAULTAGE. 2. Get Your Ugly Mug in the next OSTRICH BANDITOS game. HOW do you join the competition? 1. GET An Awesome HIGHSCORE! 2. POST HIGHSCORE Screenshot to the OSTRICH BANDITOS facebook Page! 3. LIKE OSTRICH BANDITOS To See If Your HIGHSCORE Gets Beaten. (INTEGRAL!) 4. DANCE LIKE A T-REX ! (We’ll know if you don’t.) The RULES: - DON’T CHEAT - DON’T LIE - KISS YOUR MOMMA - ONLY POST HIGHER HIGHSCORES Now go hone your flatulent flight skills, and make sure you're ready for the surely fierce competition that will occur over the weekend. Start: 17th of March at 12PM PST (20:00 GMT+1) End: The deadline for submissions is 19th March, 11:59AM PST (19:59PM GMT+1).

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