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HD Spectrum

Strategy Game created by: NULLL Games ( 1 Oct 2011)


*Single player* :
There are several gameplay modes available for single player games.
Random : you can choose what colors the computer will play with.
Storyline : the computer plays with decks related to the background story of the various alien races in Hidden Dimensions.
Game deck : play against your own decks.

*Challenges* (available from the single player screen) :
These a special decks and environments. Winning against a full set of decks will reward you with elite cards.

*Combat* :
In short you have to play structures which provide you with energy. This energy can be used to play ships and actions.
Ships both defend your base and attack your opponent's base or ships. To defeat your opponent you have to bring their base HP down to zero.

The cards at the bottom of the screen are available for playing. If you have enough energy to play them, simply click a card and a number of locations will light up on the board. Click any of those locations to place your ship or structure.
Sometimes, actions do not require a target and can be cast right away. If a target is required, valid targets will light up on the board. Simply click the target of your choice.


You will get further instructions how to play HD Spectrum while playing it.
Have fun!

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