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Gravity Duck

Arcade Game created by: Wobly (30 Sep 2010)



The player takes the role of a small yellow duck who is given a task by his god. The player must collect 40 golden eggs and is given the power to flip gravity.

Game Mechanics:

Gravity Duck is a platformer without any jumping. In gravity duck the player must venture through 40 levels using the gravity flipping mechanic. Gravity wells are thrown in the mix to further disorient the player. Gravity wells rotate the gravity by 90 degrees so the player must learn to move sideways aswell as upside down. The game has puzzler type features when the player needs to figure out how to get the duck rotated properly.


40 levels, 8 different types of enemies/obstacles, intro/ending "movie".

All levels unlocked for sponsor viewing.


You will get further instructions how to play Gravity Duck while playing it.
Have fun!

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