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Arcade Game created by: BlakeK (29 Jun 2011)


This game is not as simple as it seems! Early levels are easy to spam-win but the game gets progressively more difficult with a really smooth learning curve. Lots of depth and replayability!


Match GooBalls to pop them and clear the screen
Use as few balls as possible to earn the Rare Gems
Fill your Cup-o-Goo to use "Gooperpower" special abilities
Match 3 to a bomb to blow it up
Break rocks by using bombs or Woof's Gooperpower


Physics matching puzzler gameplay
70 total Adventure and Puzzle levels
An Endless mode for Casual and Hardcore play
35 Rare Gems to earn and unlock the secret 8th goo
18 Achievements
3 Trophies

Looking for a sponsor who has iPhone connections to see if it's possible to do a GooBalls port!
Design & code by Blake Kimball
Art by Chris Gianelloni
Sound by Zack Striefel
Music by Brian Holmes


To play GooBalls use your Mouse!
You will get further instructions and tips while playing this game.

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