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Furry Robots Attack!

Puzzle Game created by: choephix (29 Jun 2012)


Make-over of a classic BSD game.
Move with Numpad Number Keys (or QWE-ASD-ZXC), [0] ( [Shift] ) to use "safe teleport".
Every level starts with you in the center of the stage and randomly placed robotic balls of fur around you.
Each turn you can move one step in 9 directions (incl. diagonal moves and staying in place) after which all bots take one step themselves towards you. Two robots in one place result in explosion, destroying them and leaving a hole on the floor. Other bots that fall through a hole are also destroyed.
Other actions:
[+] or [Ctrl]: Teleport,
[0] or [Shift]: "Safe Teleport" (excludes the chance of hitting a bot, uses up Focus),
[Enter]: Stand (give up all your turns, win Focus per dead bot)
Make all bots in the level destroy themselves or each other to proceed to the next level.
-- Features a Leaderboard
-- Can be played with the mouse (virtual key-pad appears on click)


To play Furry Robots Attack! use your Keyboard!
You will get further instructions and tips while playing this game.

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