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Freeway Fury 3

Driving Game created by: Serius Games (24 Oct 2014)


You are rocking the highway! Cause as much damage as possible while jumping from vehicle to vehicle.
As the notorious car-jumping fugitive no one can catch you while you run from the police - jump from the roof of your car to other vehicles to get through the traffic on the freeway. You have to go fast! Lucky for you, you have some nitro to boost you. The more daring your moves/jumps are, the more you increase your inner fury. Resulting in even longer jumps and fast nitro boosts.

A worthy successor of Freeway Fury 1/2 - pure fun!


Controls of Freeway Fury:
Left,Right: Steer your vehicle
Up: Use Nitro to boost
Press Z to enter bullet-time, and decide with the Arrow-Keys in which direction you want to jump!

Simple, once you died a few times ;)

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