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Deep Diver

Adventure Game created by: CactiGames (17 Aug 2010)



Some First Impression Comments:
"I played this game till the end :) it took me 1 h and 4 minutes to complete it. I loved it. Rarely a game has my attention for 1 hour."
"no bugs. I fully tested the game, and it works just fine. Thank you, and good job ... the game is great. :)"
"Super fun game, I wish I didn't have to quit playing."
Explore 10 levels in search of treasure, fish and pearls. Spend the money you find on upgrading your sub so you can reach the deeper, more rewarding areas. 
The controls only use WASD or the arrow keys so are really easy to pick up. The in built tutorial system makes this game playable by anyone.
Each level is available as a high resolution image which would be perfect for a walk through. 
I have 4 bonus levels that will only be playable on the sponsors site, bringing you more traffic. 


You will get further instructions how to play Deep Diver while playing it.
Have fun!

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