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Puzzle Game created by: krangGAMES (30 Jul 2012)


Beloved - a short game about Love in all its forms. Beloved is about love. It's about honesty, and making your way through a world full of obstacles. It's a simple puzzle game using a unique mechanic. You control multiple players simultaneously, and guide them to the Love Repository, where they find peaceful union. The gameplay is designed to be simple to pick up, and comfortably challenging as the difficulty smoothly curves up. What sets Beloved strongly apart is its positive social message. There is very little good representation of the gay community in gaming, and Beloved's main goal is to promote acceptance and understanding of the gay community. All this is presented in a friendly interface, with intuitive controls and a warm, modern visual style. The game is controlled with WASD, the arrow keys or the mouse. The game can be 100% controlled by either keyboard or mouse, so people on desktops or laptops alike will have no trouble, even if using a laptop trackpad. Beloved features eight unique levels, each with a small story. Players ideally try to complete levels in as few moves as possible, though there's no punishment for experimenting. The game also automatically keeps track of the lowest amount of moves ever achieved on any given level. If a player finds a more optimal way through the level and beats the game's built-in record, that becomes the new world record. All players can view the world record, and are invited to beat it. Beloved also features original music, which anyone is welcome to download. Thanks, hope you enjoy Beloved :D -Nick Yonge, krangGAMES 


You will get further instructions how to play Beloved while playing it.
Have fun!

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