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Attack of the Furries

Strategy Game created by: BrightWhiteLight (21 Aug 2008)


25 wave version of Attack of the Furries for general release.

Attack of the Furries is a Turret Defense game with RTS (real time strategy) elements.

Features include:

* Resource management in the form of gold mining, power generation and research generation.

* More than twenty different creep types (each in 3 colors).

* Resource drills which are used to find where the resources are hidden on the map.

* Creeps can drop special ability tiles that give all following creeps special abilities.

* Egg laying creeps that hatch into flying creeps.

* Eight turret types which can be upgraded upto 5 times.

* Research labs which generate R&D (research and development) and are used to research more than a dozen upgrades.


Pick up the turrets on the right of the screen and place them on the map. Once this is done press the next wave button (the paw print) to begin.

Turrets can be upgraded by clicking on one and pressing upgrade in the dialog box that appears.

There are 3 types of resource which must be accumulated to make purchases.

. Power - which can be increased by placing a power-station over a hydrothermal (found with the resource drill)

. Money - which is obtained either by killing creeps or by placing a gold mine over a gold seam(again found with the resource drill)

. R & D (research and development) - this is accumulated by placing a research lab anywhere there is space. Each lab delivers a trickle of R&D so, the more labs the more R&D.

The resource drill is placed anywhere there is space and will begin to drill. Once the drilling is complete an icon will appear indicating how many resources are present. 0 = none, 1-3 means a resource has been found (Green hydrothermal, yellow gold). Also note that resources clump together if one is found, its neighbors are also likely to be resources.

Note keep an eye out for when upgrades become available in the research labs, also keep an especially sharp eye on the power level, should this fall below 0 ALL your turrets will become inoperable (either sell 1 or more turrets or place more labs to rectify).

A final tip, turrets cost ever greater amounts of power the more of a particular turret you have. It is therefore more beneficial to have fewer higher level turrets than more low level turrets.

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