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Agent 079

Adventure Game created by: Atomic Cicada ( 3 Aug 2010)


 ** UPDATE - ADDED ROOM CONTROL to the control panel in the Elevator - alleviates problem of returning to OFFICE too often **
** UPDATE - Fixed buttons on MAIN MENU that don't show up on darker monitors **
**Ending Story Grpahics added and bug fixed **
** Various Sound/Visual and Gameplay updates ** 
Agent 079 has infiltrated Dr. Nemesis' hidden island fortress, only to find himself caught in the most diabolical trap ever!

Following on the heels of the hit game iRemain, Atomic Cicada presents its latest Point and Click adventure, that's bigger, better and tougher in every way!

Help Agent 079 solve the elaborate riddle that has been set up to toy with him by the world's most notorious super villain!  Search for items, solve puzzles, decipher riddles and follow the clues to escape certain doom!

***NOTE - Some sounds and IMAGES are FOR POSITION ONLY, and will be replaced shortly.****

*** Ending STORY animations will be added shortly***
*** File size optimization not complete... final file size will be smaller.***



You will get further instructions how to play Agent 079 while playing it.
Have fun!

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