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Puzzle Game created by: Figbox Games ( 3 Aug 2009)



Afflux is a physics based puzzle game focused on creatively redirecting wind to get small "fluxfs" into a pot where they can grow into a flower. Drag objects from the inventory that represent wind blockers, reflectors, and generators, then hit the play button to start the "fluxfs" flying. Solve 40 ever increasingly difficult puzzles in four different game worlds. Earn 18 achievements to unlock new bonus levels and special inventory objects that make the puzzles more interesting. Afflux uses a special pre-generating "force manifold" calculation model that allows the simulation to support extremely complex physics with ease.
To play the game, simply use the mouse to scroll over the inventory tab in the top-right corner and drag objects out onto the playing field. Then press the play button once objects are arranged to start the simulation. Press the pause button at any time to clear the simulation to allow shapes to be placed differently. There is no penalty for trying as many times as desired, the goal is simply to get enough "fluxfs" in to beat the level.
Currently has Mochi Ads implemented for preloader and in-game ads. Pre-loader can be replaced with final licensor's preloader if desired, and in game ads will be disabled for licensors website. Game has a leaderboard for each level so players can compete for the best score on all 44 levels, however leaderboards have not been activated to allow Mochi Ads leaderboards to be replaced by licensors custom leaderboards if desired. 


You will get further instructions how to play Afflux while playing it.
Have fun!

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