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Action Game created by: baalmor (13 Jul 2010)



There is a three types of bombs and three types of balls.
This game is based on a billiard mechanic.
A scoreboard and the saves are made.
All levels open only for sponsor view.
There is a 25 variety levels on this game. But if you have an API to create a repository to additional level, we can try to agree on the inclusion of the editor and the additional menu.
update 26.04.2010
remaked the level #12 becouse the original is very difficult.
update 27.04.2010
fixed physic balance.
Added new game mode "Ice mode". This mode set the friction and other physic parameters like moving on ice. Scores at this mode multiply on 3/2.
update 28.04.2010
Rebalance and many modifications in the game process in normal mode.
In "Ice mode" score factor increased to x2.
update 29.04.2010
Soft redesign.
Fixed a problem with the ball when the force of impact little depends on the length of the vector.
update 01.05.2010
increased game speed and fixed mach english text.
added little help tip. Modificated username method.
update 06.05.2010
added new button on the game panel. This button exploded all bombs on the level exclude atomic bombs.


You will get further instructions how to play AAA!!! BOMBS!!! while playing it.
Have fun!

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