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3 lil' Pigs: Home Defense

Strategy Game created by: Toge Productions (10 Jun 2009)


Controls :
1. Point and click using mouse.
2. Esc button to cancel your action.
3. Pause and resume game by pressing key "p" and "r" respectively
The wolves are bad. You play as 3 lil' pigs whose want to protect their lovely land and home from invasion. Advance your way to the wolf hideout and wipe them out.
Feature :
1. Defend your homebase and fight wolves in 6 different maps and countless waves.
2. Build any turret available to kill wolves from entering your homebase.
3. Unlock 7 turrets which can help you greatly against wolf waves.
4. Use your proven strategy to help you slow wolves movement.
5. You can place turret in any area in the map.
Updates - Jue 11, 2009.
1. Balancing game play.
2. Revising user interface.
3. Revising graphics.
4. Minor bug fix.
Updates June 12, 2009:
1. Fixing animation glitch.
2. Adding wolf hp bar.
3. Minor game play balancing
Updates June 12, 2009:
1. Bug fix.
2. Revise animation & graphics.
3. Revise credits screen.
Updates June 15, 2009:
1. Minor bug fix.
2. Revise game play to reduce lag.
Updates June 17, 2009:
1. Bug fix.
2. Adding more sound effect.
Updates June 18, 2009:
1. No more lag.
2. More sound effect.
3. Revise gameplay.
4. Change background music.
Updates June 18, 2009:
1. Bug fix.
2. Enable skip button to fasten wave.
3. Change credits screen.
Updates June 19, 2009:
1. Revise help screen.
2. Revise UI.
Updates June 22, 2009:
1. Bug fix.
2. Revise intro movie.
Updates June 23, 2009:
1. Add ending movie.
Updates June 26, 2009:
1. Bug fix.
2. Game complete.
Updates June 29, 2009:
1. Balance game play.
Updates July 09, 2009:
1. Revised Game.
Updates July 10, 2009:
1. Bug fix.
Updates July 13, 2009:
1. Minor bug fix.
2. Revise art.
PS: Thank you for playing and your critics and inputs


You will get further instructions how to play 3 lil' Pigs: Home Defense while playing it.
Have fun!

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