Embed Flash Games into your website

Embedding is realy easy - try it!
on this website we show you a few simple steps to embed any flash game(swf files) into your own website.
This is a great possibility to keep your website visitors entertained and keep them longer engaged on your website or blog.
Embedding flash games/swf files, into your website is easy! Just follow the few steps and it will work.

On each page of our games you will find the "Embed Section". There you will find the html code you need to use to embed this games into your website.
Each game got his own code, so for example to embed the game "Cube Crush" the code would look like this (dont worry you only need to copy&paste it, no editing needed):

Embed Code Example (Cube Crush)

You will find this kind of embed code on every game page. Just find the swf file/game you would like to embed into your website, copy the embed-code from the textarea and paste it into your website, your blog, myspace or wherever you want to embed it.

And that is it!
Congratulations, you passed the "How to embed a flash game" exam :)
Have fun playing/embedding our free online games, and in case you still got questions, feel free to contact us.